Hawaii Airfare Pricing, Don’t Honk in Hawaii, Surf lesson ideas

Hawaii Vacation News
We start the show off today with a little bit of news about Disney bringing a cruise ship to Hawaii. Starting in April of 2012 they’re offering of 15 to Hawaii cruise. This is the first time for Disney as they expanded the Hawaii market with the recent addition of the Aulani Disney resort at Ko Olina on Oahu.

Hawaii Airfare Pricing
The Hawaii visitors Bureau is doing a advertising blitz in key states so we decided to take a look at what the airfares are running which coincide with this promotion. Traditionally, in May we start to see airfare wars so it will be interesting to see where prices land. We’ve also been getting a lot of calls from people who want to book last minute in April so we share some pricing for April dates.

We looked at Denver Phoenix and Dallas round-trip airfares and this is what we came up with for pricing.

April: 4/20-4/27
Den-HNL $567.00 with 2 stops united
PHX-HNL: $481.00 with 1 stop AA
DFW-HNL: $573.00 with 0 stop AA

May: 5/10-5/17
Den-HNL $567.00 with 2 stops united
PHX-HNL: $438.00 with 1 stop delta
DFW-HNL: $412.00 with 1 stop united

June: 06/8-6/15
Den-HNL: $667.00 with 2 stops united
PHX-HNL: $515.00 with 1 stop delta
DFW-HNL: $538.00 with 2 stop Continental

July: 07/06-7/13
Den-HNL $807.00 with 1 stop united
PHX-HNL: $586.00 with 1 stop US airway
DFW-HNL: $610.00 with 1 stop United

Podcast, Facebook and Twitter Questions
As we do every Friday we answer questions from Facebook and twitter friends. Mary wants to know if it’s really true that people get offended when someone honks airport in Hawaii. Actually that is true people in Hawaii don’t honk their horns and find it quite offensive so make sure when you’re here on vacation you don’t lean heavy on the horn.

Did you know that we have fantastic farmers markets here in Hawaii where you can enjoy local food at great prices. Kenya talk about some of the popular farmers markets and offer some ideas about enjoying this great part of Hawaii. Most locals feel it’s important to live local and buy local and we discussed the importance of doing that on your Hawaii vacation.

Finally we offer Jennifer a couple of ideas about beginning surf lessons when she comes to Oahu. There are lots of choices and most of them are good ones right on Waikiki Beach. If you’d like a little more formal teaching there are surf schools and one that’s very popular in his home that I’m in located in the lobby of the Park Shore hotel right across the street from the beach.