The Origins of Hawaiian Music

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010 is Hawaii Aloha Travel’s 362nd podcast and is about the origins of Hawaiian Music. Plus listen about vacation packages that have been booked in the past 24 or 48 hours and learn about upcoming Hawaii festivals. And if there’s time, Bruce will give you a sneak peak at the Oahu Adventure Package that he and Yaling will be launching very soon.
The past weekend was pretty relaxing for Bruce and Yaling, and they had a great, family style meal at Big City Diner and met with a lot of friends they hadn’t seen for a long time. Bruce also went to the Sony Open on Saturday and went sky box hopping. Many of the VIP people hang out in these sky boxes and Bruce was along for the ride, sipping on Grey Goose and meeting and greeting with other VIP members throughout the day.
The highly anticipated Disney Resort finally has a name! Aulani, which means ‘place that speaks deep with messages.’ Walt Disney company announced this name today and says this moniker expresses a connection with deep storytelling. They launched their new website and will open their first phase of rooms in 2011.
In other ‘Hollywood’ news, CBS is beginning their new Hawaii Five-0 series, but they’re not sure if they’ll be filming the show on Oahu. Also, Adam Sandler has been running around town with talk about producing another movie. Currently looking for a filming location and hotel, this new comedy should supposedly begin filming in the middle of April.
We received a question from Mike in Tennessee and he wants to know where Hawaiian music comes from. The earliest known Hawaiian music was actually hula (it’s not just a dance!) and was comprised by a chant (mele) along with a gourd and stones. A lot of people associate Hawaiian music with the ukulele, but that instrument actually evolved from the guitars brought over from the Mexican immigrants in 1832. Listen on to find out what ukulele means and how this nickname was originated and how music in Hawaii has transpired from then to now.
Listen to our next podcast for details on the music festivals that are coming up. Plus our new ‘Bruce & Yaling’s Oahu Adventure Package’, which combines all the wonderful things we’ve learned about Hawaii over the years, including the best restaurants of the island.
This podcast finishes off with Hawaii vacation package reviews that have been booked in the past 24 to 48 hours. Kalei at extension 31 nabbed a deal for a couple: $6,600 and they’re traveling first class all the way. From staying at the Grand Wailea to cruising Maui in a convertible, this is a great deal! Listen for more vacation package deals that have recently been booked and get inspired to plan your own!