Picking the Right Hawaiian Island

Maui, Oahu, Big Island or Kauai, which island is best for you? Picking the right Hawaiian Island can be confusing and time consuming. So listen in for help and learn more about the four main islands for travel. Oahu- The Gathering Place, Maui- The Valley Isle, Kauai- The Garden Isle and Hawaii- The Big Island. Each has their own unique characteristics that will attract individuals. And it’s best to know a little bit about them so you can decide where is best for your vacation. Picking the right Hawaiian Island is like discovering you vacation personality.

Find out if you prefer hikes in the rainforest versus hikes along the beach. Do you want to snorkel or lounge? Ride a surfboard or ride a horse? Explore museums or explore waterfalls? Do you like seclusion or lively crowds? Sunshine or shade? These are all the aspects to consider when picking the right Hawaiian Island for your trip.

This podcast also goes over some current Hawaii news and Hawaii Vacation Package reviews from real clients. The first one is for a family of 4 traveling from June 8th to the 16th, heading over to Maui for just $4,196 which includes a rental car and a one bedroom ocean view condo. Next one is for a family of 5 traveling from Baltimore to Honolulu then to Kauai, Maui and Big Island from June 28th to July 8th. Hitting up all four major islands of Hawaii! This family is traveling for $8,554 and was booked by Kalei, who is on fire this month! Congratulations to all the families traveling to Hawaii this season, and if you’re looking into a vacation please give us a call for the best deals on the island!