Update: Kilauea Volcano Lava Viewing

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When Kilauea Volcano erupted on Hawaii Island on May 24, 2018, it made headlines around the world. Video and images of fountains and fast-moving rivers of lava drew many thousands of visitors and residents alike for lava viewing. The eruption slowed to a stop, with Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory stopping daily volcano updates in early October 2018 for weekly updates.

Those spectacular fountains and rivers of lava are gone and are now vast expanses of stark and barren new land. But it is still possible to experience the volcano’s wonders, which have been active for over 30 years. From various points in the lower Puna District, in places like Pahoa and Volcano near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park’s Halemaumau Crater, you can still see Kilauea’s glow after dark.

The Fissure 8 flow has sparked multiple wildfires. Photo courtesy USGS.

Most of the areas that were closed at the park due to hazards posed by the eruption have been reopened. While the dynamic and mesmerizing lava flows are gone, the transformation of the landscapes created by the lava remains astonishing to behold in places like Pohoiki Beach. The excitement of the eruption has faded, but Kilauea’s appeal is as strong as ever.

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There is currently no active lava ocean-entry occurring at Kilauea Volcano. Many tour boat operators are happy to take visitors to the sites affected by the lava flows, but you shouldn’t expect to see the kind of active lava that captivated scientists and laypersons around the world for many months in 2018.

Aloha Bruce and Hawaii Aloha Travel offer the kind of local knowledge and expertise about activity at Kilauea Volcano that can help you plan the ideal Kilauea Volcano experience. Even with Kilauea at rest (always temporarily), Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a wonder to behold.

The volcano is monitored closely by a variety of agencies. Volcanic and seismic activity continues, with low-magnitude earthquakes jostling the areas in and around Kilauea Volcano regularly. Scientists are able to predict eruptions with remarkable accuracy, helping ensure the safety of residents and visitors in the area.

We here at Hawaii Aloha Travel are keeping our eyes on Kilauea Volcano. When Madam Pele awakens again and the lava begins flowing (it surely will), look to us to help you experience its magnificent wonder.