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Top 10 Things to Do in Kauai for Free (Or Almost Free)

It’s actually possible to find free things to do during your Hawaii vacation, even if you don’t want to sit on the beach your entire time here. We’ve got the top things to do in Kauai for free that are lots of fun. Do you see a trend emerging here? I’m always looking for a […]

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Kauai Travel Guide

Today we’re offering a brief Kauai travel guide that’s perfect for anyone planning a visit to “The Garden Isle.”  Lush valleys, deep canyons, and jagged cliffs – this extraordinary landscape that decorates the island of Kauai. And it’s the reason behind its nickname, “The Garden Isle.”  Visitors to the oldest and northernmost island in the […]

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The Seven Natural Wonders of Hawaii

Mount Everest, The Matterhorn, The Meteor Crater, Victoria Falls, Ayers Rock, The Great Barrier Reef, and The Grand Canyon; they’re the seven Natural Wonders of the World.  Each is pretty impressive in itself, but you have to go a long way out of your way to see any of them. Here in Hawaii, we have […]

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