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Waikiki Beach Services: generations of Waikiki Beach Boys

Surf lessons and beach rentals are a major attraction at Waikiki Beach. There are dozens of companies that cater to thousands of Waikiki beachgoers every day. Waikiki Beach Services stands out among those companies for a variety of reasons, not least of which is its deep connection to the world-famous Waikiki Beach Boys and their […]

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Waikiki’s Diamond Head History: Legend of Love

Waikiki’s Diamond Head is arguably one of the most recognizable natural landmarks in the world. It’s been a picture postcard image of paradise for generations, and it towers in the background of countless millions of vacation photos taken by giddy beach-goers. Beyond that iconic image, Diamond Head, or “Leahi” in the Hawaiian language, has been […]

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A Handy Guide to Waikiki Beaches

You know about the scenery, shopping, and culture in Waikiki, but did you know there are actually seven (or more) Waikiki Beaches that make up this stretch of shoreline? That’s right – Waikiki Beach is not one single location.  In fact, the beaches of Waikiki span more than two miles, and each has its own […]

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