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Great news for Hawaii bird watching

Several endangered and at-risk native Hawaiian bird populations are rebounding thanks to the efforts of government agencies, nonprofits, rigorous scientific research, and volunteer efforts. Hawaii bird watching is on the rise. U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt recently made the announcement that Hawaii’s state bird, the beloved Nene Goose, is no longer on the […]

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Nene Crossing in Hawaii National Parks

You’ve heard of whale watching in Hawaii, but how about nene watching? The endemic Hawaiian goose can be spotted soaring overheard or grazing with goslings from November to April. However, this time of the year can be very busy for the nene because they’re focused on breeding and nesting. The females build up their fat […]

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Guide to the Birds of Hawaii

A lot of people who come to Hawaii expect to see rare, tropical birds cruising the malls, hovering in the trees and swooping from the ridges. Sorry. You may have seen that in a movie, but it doesn’t actually ever happen here. There are “bird guys” wandering around in Waikiki and stationed in the International […]

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