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Volcano goddess Pele on Oahu

Hawaii residents and visitors from abroad flock to Hawaii Island, the Big Island, to witness eruptions at the Mauna Loa Volcano. Thousands of images and videos of the spectacular event are zing around the internet when that happens showing the full glory of an active lava flow. We want to point out that fire goddess […]

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Aina Lani Hikes: safe, guided exploring

The completion of improvements to the Koko Crater Stairs hiking trail made headlines in the local news media last week. It has become a popular hike for residents and visitors over the past few years. High traffic had degraded the trail, which is made of railroad ties. The trail is much safer now thanks in […]

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Koko Crater Trail: Read This Before Your Hike

If you’re thinking about hiking Koko Crater Trail but aren’t sure if you should, keep reading. If you are already committed to hiking Koko Head, you should also keep reading. I recently hiked it again, and I’ve got everything you need to know in this post. Koke Head is a 1,208-foot-high volcanic tuff cone that […]

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