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2023 Hawaii Humpback Whale Count

I subscribe to an absurd number of newsletters to my inbox, for reasons both professional and personal. The vast majority of these weekly and monthly items are essentially spam, but every now and then a missive comes through that holds genuine interest and value. One of them has just arrived: a notification of the dates […]

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Autumn in Hawaii | Best Seasonal Experience

Autumn in Hawaii has arrived. You’d hardly know it, though, as we’ve enjoyed perfect, almost unchanging weather for weeks. There’s been a bit of isolated rain, and the average daily high temperature is pushing 90 degrees, but “the best weather on the planet” continues. Hawaii seasons and the changes between them are subtle.  Here, we […]

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Humpbacks of Hawaii in 3D at Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Ocean Center in Wailuku recently opened its new Humpbacks of Hawaii Exhibit & Sphere experience. The visionary exhibit debuted on February 10 and is already attracting many astonished visitors. It is an entirely unique, virtual underwater experience that takes you beneath the surface and into the mystical world of the seemingly magical , […]

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