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Mount Ka’ala: Oahu’s tallest mountain

In the Waianae Mountain Range, Mount Ka’ala is the highest point on Oahu at an elevation of 4,025 feet. The actual peak itself is inaccessible, as it is home to a critical and tightly secured radar station (a giant white ball, can’t miss it) operated by the Hawaii National Guard and the Federal Aviation Administration. […]

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All-Day Oahu Hiking: Our Top 5 Long Trails

Oahu hiking is great for any level! We have lots of trails on the island, including multi-mile treks that will allow you to immerse yourself in Hawaii’s natural beauty.  Ready to discover these great hikes? Read on to learn all about them, along with some tips for making the most of adventure.  Are Long Hikes […]

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Hiking the Ka’au Crater Trail on Oahu

Ka’au Crater Trail is one of the most popular hikes on Oahu. Known for its spectacular views and challenging route, this is a favorite among visitors and residents alike.  Those views are hard-earned, though, because the Ka‘au Loop Trail is every bit as dangerous as it is beautiful. But for the capable and prepared, its […]

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