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Why We Love Hawaiian Poi (And Why You Should Try It!)

Have you ever heard of Hawaiian Poi? If you’ve ever visited the islands, you’ve likely encountered this unique dish. Poi is a traditional Polynesian food made from pounded kalo [taro]. For many Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, Poi is a dietary staple. But for many visitors, it’s shrouded in an air of mystery.  S, what exactly […]

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Have You Tried Haulolo?

When haupia and kulolo make a baby, you get HAULOLO. The hybrid dessert combines two traditional Hawaiian foods into one non-traditional creation. Haupia (coconut-milk-based) and kulolo (taro-based) have been featured items at the luau table for decades. But only recently have the two been deliciously married into something rather wonderful. Pomai Kulolo is the company […]

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