Have You Tried Haulolo?

A farmers market table with haulolo and kulolo for sale
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When haupia and kulolo make a baby, you get HAULOLO.

The hybrid dessert combines two traditional Hawaiian foods into one non-traditional creation. Haupia (coconut-milk-based) and kulolo (taro-based) have been featured items at the luau table for decades. But only recently have the two been deliciously married into something rather wonderful.

Pomai Kulolo is the company that invented the layered sweet treat. For years, owner Keanuenue Kekaula sold kulolo and haupia roadside, using a family recipe. He got such a positive response that customers encouraged him to start a business, according to the website. And I am so glad he did!

I try to get my hands on some haulolo GOLD whenever I can – usually at select farmers markets around Oahu. These include: Ala Moana Shopping Center, Windward Mall, Fort Street Mall (Downtown Honolulu) and Pearlridge Shopping Center. The lady I spoke with at the Windward Mall booth said haulolo would also be coming to local supermarkets soon!

Haulolo is sold in small plastic containers and best eaten with a fork. This is unlike kulolo, which can be enjoyed like a chewy Hawaiian candy bar! I would recommend eating it right away or refrigerating it if you have one at your hotel. The lady told me haulolo lasts a couple of days.

If I had to describe the taste, I would say it is sweet but with a smooth and creamy texture. The layer of kulolo is a little chewier than the top layer of haupia; together, they make the perfect match!


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