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Hawaii weather: the storm has passed

Over the past several days severe weather and torrential rains have battered the main Hawaiian Islands. Images and videos of raging streams, flooded roads, and swamped homes have gone viral over the airwaves and internet. This has prompted some with planned Hawaii vacations to ask, “Should we cancel or postpone our trip?” The short, easy […]

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Waiting Out A Hawaiian Storm

When lightning strikes, most people stay inside for safety, but that’s not always the case in Hawaii. I’m writing this from inside the car at Sunset Beach, where we’re posted up until the storm passes. It’s not even 10 a.m. and already dark enough for the street lights to be queued on; the thunder rolling […]

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Appropriate Outerwear for Hawaii

“Do we need to pack jackets for Hawaii?” Despite how tropical of a paradise it may appear in postcards, Hawaii does get cold, so packing a light jacket or hooded sweater would be fine. Of course, our definition of “cold” isn’t anything near the cold people experience in other parts of the world that are […]

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