Appropriate Outerwear for Hawaii

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“Do we need to pack jackets for Hawaii?”

Despite how tropical of a paradise it may appear in postcards, Hawaii does get cold, so packing a light jacket or hooded sweater would be fine. Of course, our definition of “cold” isn’t anything near the cold people experience in other parts of the world that are below freezing with snow.

Instead, “cold” in Hawaii would be more like, high 60s with nippy north winds. The kind of days that pretty much sums up our winter months in Hawaii, and therefore justifies the need for flaunting those fluffy scarves and furry boots; otherwise, it’s that precise moment between a dip in the ocean and the warm embrace of a towel that really gets you! When a slight chill crawls through your skin, and your teeth starts to ch-ch-ch-chatter.

There are also places in Hawaii that tend to be cold all year long, especially during the those early mornings and late evenings. That’s because they’re higher up in elevation, like Mt. Haleakala or Mauna Kea. Both volcanic craters exceed 10,000 feet, and therefore, experience the most jolting jet streams of air possible for Hawaii. An early morning drive to watch the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala would not be possible without several layers of clothing and the hotel blanket wrapped around you.

In addition to the cold weather we may get throughout the year, there’s also the rain, which happens more often than not. Whether it’s a slight trade-wind shower or a downpour, soggy feet and dampened hair will leave anyone shivering. Be sure to pack a rain jacket and possibly an umbrella if you’re traveling to Hawaii during the winter months, also known as, the rainy season.