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Hawaii sunrise views – from the sea

There is nothing on Earth more certain than the fact that the sun will rise. We’ll submit that it is equally certain that Hawaii sunrise views are spectacular, every day. Without exception. Full stop. Rain or shine. What the new day brings, good or ill, always begins with beauty. This is one of the many […]

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Green Flash Hawaii: How to See It For Yourself

If you’re fortunate enough to experience a beautiful sunset in Hawaii, consider yourself already one of the lucky ones! But, if you have the opportunity (or dumb luck) to see the green flash in Hawaii during sunset, you may want to buy a lottery ticket. You’re one of the few who’ve been lucky enough to […]

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Haleakala Sunrise vs Sunset: Which is the Best Time to Go?

If you’re planning a trip to Maui, seeing the Haleakala sunrise might top your must-do list. Here, day breaks at 10,000 feet above sea level, casting golden hues across layers of endless clouds. Then, as the clouds clear and the skies turn blue, you get to enjoy one of the most magnificent places in Hawaii.  […]

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