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HAT Magnum P.I. TikTok goes viral!

Wow! Aloha Bruce and the Hawaii Aloha Travel TikTok page have gone viral with a video clip (backed by the original series theme music) of a current Magnum P.I. production truck towing the iconic Magnum Ferrari through the streets of Waikiki while shooting a dialogue between stars Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks for an upcoming episode. 500,000-and-counting […]

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Action! Hawaii film and television production thrives

 Hawaii’s film and television industry hummed along quietly during the worst of the pandemic. The pandemic slowed productions, but it did not stop them altogether. Funded by big “Hollywood money”, productions were able to maintain rigorous testing and distancing practices. The cameras kept rolling. No one seemed to notice because most of us were self-isolating […]

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