Tag: Halema’uma’u crater

Kilauea Volcano erupts spectacularly!

After a quiet two years since a weeks-long eruption in 2018, Kilauea Volcano has once again burst forth in a spectacular, fiery display at the Halema’uma’u Crater inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. It happened at 9:30 at night when a fissure opened, astonishing rangers and then the world as images and video of a massive […]

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Pele Got Her Hair Did

The Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes apparently has some pretty intense locks. Pele’s Hair, a geological term for volcanic glass, forms when hot molten lava is thrown into the air during an explosive eruption. But the mane only forms with the help of the wind. Hence, Pele’s hair can be mostly found downwind from active vents. […]

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