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Volcano goddess Pele on Oahu

Hawaii residents and visitors from abroad flock to Hawaii Island, the Big Island, to witness eruptions at the Mauna Loa Volcano. Thousands of images and videos of the spectacular event are zing around the internet when that happens showing the full glory of an active lava flow. We want to point out that fire goddess […]

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Oahu’s popular visitor attractions: a couple of changes

As we barrel into Hawaii’s high-summer vacation season, we thought we’d point out some changes at a couple of Oahu’s popular visitor attractions. As Aloha Bruce noted on the latest Hawaii Vacations Podcast, visitor arrival numbers are approaching pre-pandemic levels. With Asia-Pacific arrivals expected to begin to surge as we move deeper into 2022, the […]

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Improvements at Hawaii State Parks

Hawaii’s State Department of Land and Natural Resources has made significant improvements at a number of State Parks over the past year. The closures and the near-complete loss of visitors to parks during the pandemic created a unique opportunity to use that time to make the parks more accessible to visitors, and to implement strong […]

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