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Birding in Hawaii: a birdwatcher’s guide

Hawaii is home to a wide variety of native bird species. Many of them are on the Endangered Species List and some are “critically endangered”. Efforts are ongoing to protect these species, with limited success, across the state. Enthusiasts of birding in Hawaii, or simply “birdwatching”, have benefitted from conservation policies. Hawaii’s endangered forest birds […]

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Tiny Birdies in the Lawn

As with flowers, the variety of birds in Hawaii must be experienced first hand. Seeing a bloom does not convey its aroma, and a picture of this little, tiny bird does not show you how it hides amid blades of grass to ambush me as I cross the lawn. At first, it looks like the […]

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Guide to the Birds of Hawaii

A lot of people who come to Hawaii expect to see rare, tropical birds cruising the malls, hovering in the trees and swooping from the ridges. Sorry. You may have seen that in a movie, but it doesn’t actually ever happen here. There are “bird guys” wandering around in Waikiki and stationed in the International […]

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