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Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail

Makapu’u Lighthouse: A History

Since improvements were completed in 2015, the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail has become one of the most popular hiking destinations on Oahu. It is also historically significant. Improvements to the area… Read More

Alaka'i Swamp Trail

Kauai’s Alaka’i Swamp Trail: Raw, Native Nature

When discussing Hawaii’s geographical features, “Alaka’i swamp trail” is probably not the first thing to come to mind. But just as the islands are home to most of the planet’s… Read More

Rainy Streets

Rainy Roads on Oahu

There is a decades-old cliché about and among Oahu drivers that when it even drizzles, people forget how to drive on Oahu’s rainy roads. It’s actually a fair assessment. But… Read More

Football Fans

Sports Fandom in Hawaii

After what was arguably the most exciting Super Bowl in NFL history, it’s interesting to take a look at Hawaii’s unique culture of Hawaii sports fans and fandom. Our geographical… Read More

Dog on the beach

Don’t Leave Fido at Home! Pet-Friendly Hotels in Hawaii

Have you noticed more and more people prefer to travel with their pets these days? It’s true — today’s pet-owners are less likely to leave their pets at home and more… Read More


The Home of the Brave Brewseum

The Home of the Brave Brewseum in Honolulu combines a passion for honoring our nation’s veterans with a passion for brewing fine craft beers. Tucked among the rapidly rising condominiums… Read More