Join the Line at Oahu’s Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe

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On days when you have extra time to kill, head over for a delicious breakfast and beverage from Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe in Manoa. This charming little spot often has a long line, and it moves even slower than you think it will. But it’s worth it to have coffee that seems expertly made and a breakfast treat that goes beyond your typical coffee shop fare. 

My Go-To Order

Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe changed my mind about coffee with foam. Instead of tacking on my usual “no whip, no foam” request to my order, I look forward to the fabled foam at this small Manoa coffee joint.

Its light and creamy mixture shames the half-a-cup-of-fluff stuff you get at corporate coffee companies. That’s because Morning Glass baristas steep each cuppa joe individually and use those superior beans that give it a rich, quality taste.

Ironically, though, the owner of Morning Glass Coffee used to work for Starbucks back in the day. As in before Starbucks became the huge coffee chain it is today. He even helped to open some on the mainland. But it’s back to basics of good and true coffee for this humbled coffee cafe, which no doubt keeps me coming back whenever I’m in need of a caffeine fix.

The Infamous Morning Glass Lines

Morning Glass Coffee + Cafe has gotten so popular that weekend mornings would scare away any newcomer. Several times, we pulled up to the small parking lot, only to turn the other way. Each time, a pack of customers poured out onto the sidewalk – waiting for their turn to order or get a seat outside.

I’ve found that showing up right after the breakfast or lunch rush is best. The crowd’s not nearly as overwhelming. Plus, you can actually hang out and enjoy the cool, open-aired seating area.

Is Morning Glass Coffee Worth the Wait?

Though the coffee here is good, it’s likely the food that brings in hoards of repeat customers. 

Morning Glass’s menu is not typical of the average coffee house. Scones, coffee cakes, quiches, and hearty sandwiches make this place stand out from the rest. Oh, and the broad range of coffee lovers from across the island – tourists, college kids, local bruddahs, and me! There’s a cup of coffee to fit all walks of life.


• 2955 E. Manoa Rd., Honolulu, HI 96822 • Typically open Wednesday – Sunday for Breakfast + Lunch • 808-673-0065 • Free parking in lot or on street