Gluten Free Honolulu: A Dining Guide for Foodies

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Ready for a gluten free Honolulu vacation? Read along for great dining options!

Gone are the days when those who opted for a gluten-free lifestyle had to pick at a side of vegetables while everyone else at the table enjoyed a bountiful feast. Now, many restaurants cater to diners who avoid gluten, and many Hawaii establishments are no exception. Many offer entirely gluten-free fare or, at least, provide an abundance of gluten-free options. Below is our list of Honolulu restaurants with great gluten-free options!

Azure Restaurant

Azure is a great upscale restaurant and one of our favorite Oahu restaurants with a view

They alter their pre-fixe menu for gluten-free Honolulu diners, so you can still fully enjoy their curated delights. For example, they swap out the brioche nest for a deep, shellfish bouillabaisse treatment. And the smoked duck ravioli of the main course is replaced with an even better smoked onaga with creamy corn and mushrooms in a sprightly sauce of chili oil, rice vinegar, and tahini.

Banzai Sushi Bar

This Haleiwa sushi bar boasts many great gluten-free options on its sushi, appetizer, and sashimi menus. 

Highway Inn Kakaako

We love how many gluten-free options are available at this Kakaako restaurant. Enjoy Hawaiian and contemporary favorites, along with desserts that are great for gluten-free Honolulu diners. Highlights include Kalua Pig and. Chicken Long Rice. 

Koko Head Cafe

Lee Anne Wong’s menu of scones, cornflake French toast, and “Dumplings All Day Wong” may seem daunting from a gluten-free perspective, but the staff can navigate you to gluten-free options, including a killer breakfast congee. 

Lulu’s Waikiki

Lulu’s breakfast menu has several mochi pancake options and gluten-free Honolulu omelets. At dinner, enjoy gluten-free burgers, tacos, and a fantastic garlic shrimp plate. 


Neiman Marcus’ third-floor restaurant designates lots of items as gluten-free. Try their pork chops or seafood curry for a satisfying dish. 


This fantastic Italian restaurant in the Four Seasons resort at Ko Olina has great gluten-free options, like Chicken Marsala, Scallops, and Truffle Mashed Potatoes. 

Orchids Restaurant

Located in the Halekūlani Hotel, this haute cuisine menu designates several land and sea items as gluten-free. The tenderloin filet is a must-try for anyone, and adventurous eaters will appreciate the Grilled Octopus available at dinner. 


While none of Roy’s three Oahu restaurants has a gluten-free menu, the chefs are great at altering menu items to accommodate gluten-free diets. 

Sansei Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar

D.K. Kodama’s gluten-free menu includes sushi rolls—including the mango blue crab hand roll—and the gluten-free Omission Lager

Tucker and Bevvy

The theme at these Aussie-style takeout counters is healthy food. Naturally, then, that means lots of options for gluten avoiders. 

Waialua Bakery and Juice Bar

 There’s an option of gluten-free bread for your sandwich, and, unless they run out, gluten-free peanut butter cookies, too. The gluten-free turkey pesto is gratifying and also dairy-free. 

Dining Gluten-Free in Honolulu

We hope we’ve helped guide you to some great gluten-free Honolulu restaurants! Which ones did we miss? We’ll expand our list as we discover even more great places that will satisfy everyone’s cravings and dietary needs!