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When people fly to Maui, they’re most often flying into Kahalui, which is the main airport. However, there’s a smaller airport on the east side of the island called the Hana Airport which you may want to consider flying into when you visit the Magic Isle.

The Hana Airport (HNM) in the beautiful isolated town of Hana and it’s a great place to fly in to. You get to see get to see beautiful water falls on the descents in and take offs out! Also you may get to see Whales breaching out in the beautiful Hawaiian Waters out in the sea. You can also maybe spot some sea turtles swimming around. I have seen many whales a lot of times when flying into Hana Maui and I can tell you it is breath taking. Traveling by air to Hana has to be one of the most decent 20 minute flights around because you get to see a whole lot more with the price of the ticket you purchased. Just make sure to bring a camera on the plane with you and take pictures when you pass by the sites I posted above to capture the beauty of flying into Hana.

If you decide to take my advice here is what you can expect. The airport has a Small one room Terminal almost pavilion like building. There is no security check point or TSA stand present in the airport due to the facility being used as a General Aviation hub. There are how ever Airport Se is curity/Police Officers on Post at all times just like at Larger airports. Commercial Flights (Pacific Wings) services Hana Maui from Honolulu and Kahului. There are restrooms available for use. Multiple Vending machines for purchasing drinks (non alcoholic) and snacks. There is also a small Hana Lei Stand there to purchase your very own Hawaiian Lei. A Car Rental Company also is stationed at the airport there. Hotel Hana Maui has a shuttle that can come and pick you up from the Airport too. There are no taxis located in Hana. Luggage claim is located inside the terminal. Usually the Pilot and Co-Pilot unload the luggage and then put it out in the terminal. Trust me flying into Hana Maui will be a memorable one.

Hana Airport Tips:

Parking Lots:
-Check your surroundings when parking
-Lock and inventory what is in your rental (Utilize hotel/condo safety deposit)
-Make sure to take everything you need with you

-Check your surroundings again
-Make sure to have your ID for the airline employees and Security/Police Officers when checking in.
-When using the Rest rooms make sure to take everything with you (to prevent the possibility of theft)
-When your flight is called make sure to double check your seating area to make sure you have everything

That covers Hana East Maui Airport. If you wanna see what I am talking about book with us here at Hawaii Aloha Travel and you will see the magical beauty of traveling to Hana by Air. A Hui Hou!