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The “New Normal” plans for traveling to Hawaii

It appears the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is approving a plan for testing visitors before traveling to the Hawaiian Islands. The agency has indicated to officials it will authorize the testing initiative to move forward.

As Governor Ige hinted 2 weeks ago, “The Making Hawaii Safe for Travel” recommendations crafted by State representatives by Bob Mcdermant and Gene Ward has been gaining traction. The framework, which outlines an 8 step approach has visitors either getting tested before arriving or face a 14-day quarantine in their hotels. The plan relies heavily on rapid testing and other instruments that can detect COVID-19 within 2.5 hours. One or several testing procedures are being considered. Questions still remain about how long the plan will take to be implemented but for the most part there’s a consensus that this is the first step toward restarting Hawaii’s largest economic engine.

The ambitious and main goal of the program is to convey the message that Hawaii is above all other destinations when considering a vacation. 

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Posted by: Bruce Fisher on May 21, 2020