Travel is like the stock market…

unless you have an expert on your team.

If you ever played a slot machine, invested in a stock, played cards, followed a sports team, or even played a round of golf you know the strategy of winning a game. It’s all about finding experts to help you reach your goal. Few people think about travel this way. You wouldn’t put together a great team without a winning expert coach. So why would you take your chances in planning a trip of a lifetime and leave it up to an automated computer program like Travelocity or Expedia. If you think about it, travel is like the stock market.

Prices on flights can fluctuate hourly, daily, weekly. A flight from Chicago to Honolulu in July can cost you $1,100 if you buy it right now. Tomorrow that flight could drop to $900 or it could increase to $1,500! I would imagine if you’ve planned travel you have experienced this heart pounding moment. It’s the moment when you need to travel and you suddenly realize the price of your flight is financially out of reach. Or, what about the time your friend told you about a great flight deal. Two days later you log on to your computer to find the price of that deal has now doubled. Or, what about the hotel room you purchased only to find out you missed out on the promo code your friend got for the same room? I never thought I would say this, but finding a plane ticket is like playing the stock market!

There you sit, wasting half your workday trying to punch in every travel option you can think of. Then, finally, there it is, the perfect flight at the perfect price! You type in your information and then suddenly the screen blinks red and says, “Price adjustment. Your travel options have been re priced.” What?! Yes, that great price you saw no longer exists. It happens all the time! As a travel professional we get used to it. Just like a stockbroker, we often know when the prices will change. Most times, we have the tools, tips and tricks to get around those jumping prices.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what we do, a price adjustment can happen to any expert travel specialist. You might spend eight to 16 hours trying to find your dream vacation at a great price. That’s time you could have spent focusing on work, your family and other important things. Please trust me, when a travel consultant says to you, “I think we should book this as soon as possible.” That’s travel consultant talk for, “I know the price is going to change overnight. Let’s lock this in before the price changes.” You see, if you book with us, you are saving time out of your precious day. More importantly, if you book today and the price drops tomorrow or next week, we can create a price match request. The price match request will allow us to match that lower price! Bingo, you get some money back!

True story, we had a customer who wanted us to assist him with a hotel reservation. We booked immediately, but then he realized there was a promotion that would save him $300. The customer shared the information on that promo with me. I submitted a price match and our customer received a $300 reimbursement on his credit card! I also remember the time I was assisting a customer with a multi-leg flight. She was watching the prices of the big name travel websites when she contacted me. The flight she wanted suddenly doubled in price! I explained to the customer that she’s looking at published fares. However, we have access to “bulk fares.” These are fares that are purchased in bulk and they are much less than the published fares.

It took me some time, but I was able to search our travel suppliers to find a lower priced flight. However, the big name travel websites were showing higher prices. I found a flight that was half the price of what she saw online. As a travel consultant, that is the best feeling in the world! So, yes—buying travel is like the stock market. The flight might go down in price, but the rental car might double in price. One goes up, one goes down and the only one with insider information is your travel consultant. Promise me the next time you hear, “We should book this now before the price changes”, that you’ll take that friendly advice. Let us take care of the stress and headache so you can enjoy life and enjoy an affordable vacation full of aloha!