Capture Aloha Photo Contest Winner!

Mahalo for participating in Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Capture Aloha Contest! After much contemplation, the judges have decided!!

The Winner is !!
#11 Honu aloha
Jody Pauly from St Paul Minnesota!

2 people squat next to a sea turtle on the sand

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle is a great representation of aloha because, to me, aloha also means “respect.” We need to respect and cherish all life, in whatever form it takes. Enjoy the honu but let them live their life on their terms as we try to live ours.

But it was a close call! With so many wonderful photos submitted, it was very hard to make a decision. And so, as a consolation prize, we’ve chosen a runner-up.

#1 Feeling the ALOHA
John Nunes from Riverdale California

a beautiful waterfall in Hawaii

Soaking up the aloha in Nu‘uanu. Enjoying the true beauty of the aina down the road less traveled. The mana is so strong here, it feels up your soul with aloha and keeps you going until your blessed again to book another trip to the islands with Hawaii Aloha Travel…

John gets one of our signature Hawaii Aloha Travel Survival Kits!!

The criteria were based partially on the points each photo received and the composition of the picture, but we all agreed that the most important factor was the photo’s ability to convey the spirit of aloha. Judges chose the winner not only because they felt the picture represented people enjoying Hawaii and its aloha vibes, but also because it depicted people enjoying the wildlife these beautiful islands have to offer as well.

The winner of the Capture Aloha Contest receives a FREE 5-day car rental in Hawaii, 1 Jeep tour from Hawaii Jeep Tours and a Hawaii Aloha Travel Survival Kit.

About the Judges

  • Angela Keen

    Communications professional forever. Former News Anchor, Health Reporter and sometimes Weathercaster. Voice coach and voiceover specialist. My life in a nutshell… Making a difference is my chosen path in life, health is my passion. Travel and culture are a big part of my life. Connecting with others through language and culture.

    Oh and yes… I am a geek.

  • Paul Klink

    Klink was raised and educated in upstate New York where he attended the State University of New York majoring in business, psychology, and computer science. In 1985, he had grown weary of the New York cold and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii for warmer winters. Since his arrival in Hawaii, Klink has founded The Aloha Foundation,, and several other non-profit organizations. Paul is also the author of the phrase “Live Aloha”; one of his most notable achievements.

  • Jade Moon

    I spent two decades in front of the camera as a TV reporter and anchor in Hawaii. It wasn’t until I left the news biz that I picked up a camera myself, and something clicked (insert eye roll for the pun).

    How refreshing that after so many years of reporting on the frustrating and the ugly side of life I get to focus in on the beauty that surrounds me in Hawaii. You’ll notice if you visit frequently that I’m slightly obsessed with flowers. And food. And social issues. And the diversity that makes Hawaii such a special place to live.

One of our judges said that the winning photo depicted a “respect for the native culture as well as for people of different cultures, respect for nature and respect for all living things.” In terms of spirit and intent, this photo captured the essence of the spirit of aloha. The picture embodied everything that the Capture Aloha Contest was aiming for.

Congratulations to the winner and the runner-up winner, and mahalo to everyone that participated!