Find Live Music on Kauai

With social media and the expanse of the world wide web, who knew a simple banner hanging on the side of a highway could be so efficient? My fiance and I were driving through Kapaa town on Kauai this summer, talking about seeing some live music while we were on the island. That just so happen to be the very same moment we approached the banner hanging on the side of the road, boasting the words: KAUAI MUSIC SCENE.

Ironic much? I think it was safe to say that our inquiries about where to see live music while on island had been answered with one quick drive through town. I immediately whipped out my phone, punched in the link and voila! A calendar of live shows popped up on my phone – with the ability to search by dates, artists, genres and venues. Finally! A reliable one-stop shop for finding music in Hawaii. Well, in this case, on Kauai. Still, a very exciting endeavor for all music lovers hoping to see the island music scene continue to flourish. Apparently, the initiative is still fairly new. It first launched in February of 2012 but already looks like it is getting a lot of traffic. I have been seeing Tweets and chatter all over the web recently, and for such a grassroots effort like this, any publicity is good publicity.

The woman who started the Kauai Music Scene website has lived on the island for quite some time, according to an article by The Garden Isle. Like many others who love music, Kristine Young would continually search for an online source that listed live shows throughout town – whether it be at a restaurant or a pub. However, her searches always seemed to end in frustration, as such a place did not exist. I definitely know the feeling, even here on Oahu. There are a few sites that list shows going around town (whether free of charge or with a cover), but nothing quite like Kauai Music Scene.

The Kauai music website not only lists shows for locals and visitors to enjoy, but it also allows musicians and promoters to get more involved with the island music scene. They are able to chime in on the community chatter and get their name out into the public even more so. What an awesome idea to help the scene to flourish. People can also register on the website to get emailed updates about upcoming shows.

We have several musician friends on the island that say this new website has been nothing but a blessing for them. They are able to reach beyond social media and directly into this hub of music lovers. Although still very young, it seems the Kauai music website has already done so much. It has helped share the voices and sounds of Kauai’s music by simply organizing what was already out on the table and putting all of that into one easily-accessible place.

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Photo By: Kauai Music Scene Facebook

Posted by: Bruce Fisher