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Filming Alert! Godzilla at the Hilton

Looks like Godzilla will be making the Hilton lagoon its temporary home. A crew has been working diligently to set up a scene closely resembling something very apocalyptic. Of course, there’s no way of really telling what or where in the movie it will go, but just seeing the behind-the-scenes magic come to life always amazes me.

The sci-fi remake has been spotted throughout Oahu; not in a jungle setting but rather in public areas, like the Hilton lagoon. Everyday, dozens of beach-goers enjoy the lagoon – whether on kayak, stand up paddle board or just swimming. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, the on-site filming will most likely close the entire lagoon or at least a portion of it to the public.

You can bet that there will be a lot of curious spectators in the coming days (or weeks) of filming. Beach-goers passing by to get a spot in the adjacent parking lot or residents returning to their boat/yacht homes will no doubt sneak a glance or two at the set-up. Filmmakers must be used to the attention by now; at the very least, it is free publicity.

In addition to the behind-the-scenes magic, it’s always cool to see someone famous walking along our island shores. Be on the lookout for the Olsen twins’ kid sister Elizabeth Olsen and “Argo” actor Bryan Cranston. Maybe you’ll also get to sneak an autograph and pic while you’re at it.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jul 9, 2013