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Eat My Shorts!

Guys and gals, forget about the scrunchy shorts when you come to Hawaii; you know, the elastic ones with draw string ties. Yes, those. They’re not only waaaaaaaay out of date, but they’re risky in most Hawaiian waters – where waves slam onto the shores and currents swish this way and that. In other words, save yourself from losing your boardshorts to the ocean’s whomping waters.

I know, it’s tempting to buy those scrunchies. They’re easy to find outside of Hawaii and at affordable prices that won’t empty out those pockets. But don’t give in! Just because it has a flower pattern or says “ALOHA” on it, doesn’t mean you have to wear them here. Instead, show us a little more of your personality when arriving to our island shores.It’s a pants party! Cool customized boardshorts for guys.

Start by checking out this cool site I found called Shortomatic.com. It allows you to custom design your own boardshorts in just a few clicks. The coolest part is that you get to use any image you want – a Hawaiian sunset, Danno from Hawaii Five-0 or your family’s Fido. Either way, you’ll be swimming/surfing/sunbathing in style, securely and comfortably. The company uses polyester microfibre materials that deflect surface water well and allow for a full-range of movement wherever you wear the boardies.

Here’s how the site works:

1) Choose your style (guy or gal shorts).

2) Check your sizing.

3) Upload your art.

4) Position and size.

5) Choose colors.

6) Add text on the inside of the inner waistband.

With boardshorts obviously rooted in the popular surf culture, the California-based company wants to widen the niche and calls their boardshorts the “new swimming trunk.” Take them from the beach to the pool to a hot tub or to a lake; anyone (8-year-olds or 80-year-olds) can get wet with them at just about anywhere. Just be prepared to pay a pretty penny for pretty pants. Because they’re handmade with such high-quality materials, a pair costs about $99. Yikes! Maybe something to add to that Christmas wish list for next year.

Every piece qualifies as a work of art with the artist’s name, image title and edition number written inside the inner waistband. If you don’t want to create your own, then there are hundreds of ready-designed ones that actual graphic artists made, or better yet, become a graphic artist yourself. Shortomatic.com has a pioneer program that welcomes submissions for design ideas that could be added to their galleries.Women’s boardshorts can be quite nifty for those underwater explorations.

Shortomatic.com is a second chapter to the original Yogamatic.com company, which allows avid yogis to design their own yoga mats. Same idea, different medium. Both donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit that focuses on climate change and global accountability for the environment – Global Green USA.

You, too, can be green. Remember those hideous scrunchy shorts I mentioned earlier? Recycle them into part of next year’s Halloween costume or sew the leg openings shut for an instant reusable shopping bag!

SHORTOMATIC.COM • 310-829-6458 • Ships to and outside of US within 21 days • $99 per boardshorts, unless marked as sale item

Photo Credit: Shortomatic

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 20, 2012