10 Reasons to Celebrate Summer

A hat and slippahs sitting on a beach
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I think everyone experiences a bit of nostalgia when they hear the word ‘summer.’ For me, I still think back to my youth; barefoot walks through the neighborhood, no school, sunny days that stretched into nighttime beach bonfires and swimming in my parents’ pool. Hopefully your thoughts go someplace relaxing and warm, like a vacation in Hawaii. Now there’s a great way to spend the summer months! Or at the very least, a week-long vacation!

So many people look forward to the summer season because it represents a sense of fun and freeness, which reaches back to our childhood memories. And for those lucky enough to spend summertime in Hawaii, here are 10 reasons to celebrate!

  1. Summer seems to epitomize in Hawaii. Where else can you enjoy the sun during the day coupled with clear ocean waters, warm evenings, tropical scenery, mellow music, great food and a vacation vibe? If you’re planning a getaway to the Hawaiian Islands this summer, celebrate the fact that these islands symbolize summer.
  2. 4th of July is nationally celebrated in our country, and is a great mid-summer party to look forward to. In Hawaii, we celebrate 4th O by floating on blow up toys like lounge chairs, dolphins, whales and giant ‘party islands’. Float-a-paloozas happen both on Oahu’s south shore in Waikiki and on the North Shore at Waimea Bay. If you’re vacationing in Hawaii during this time, be sure to check into what’s happening in your area for 4th of July. From floaties to fireworks, you’re guaranteed a long day at the beach!
  3. I love summertime in Hawaii because it means I can finish work at 5pm and still have 3 hours of daylight left to swim, surf, hike, play tennis, etc. The longest day of the year (June 21st), has the sun setting at 7:16pm, which is something to celebrate in itself… longer days in Hawaii can mean so much! Like more time to spend with friends, family, be active, enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the free things Hawaii has to offer. It’s like you’re adding more time into your normal 24-hour day, and I’m sure we can all find a reason and a way to celebrate more daylight.
  4. Summer seems synonymous with BBQ’s, probably because of the extended daylight but also because we have warmer weather to enjoy the outdoors for longer. While you definitely can BBQ during any season in Hawaii, summertime is ideal because of the comfortable temperature, less chance of rain and the tradewinds offering the scents of the tropics and a cool refresher from the heat. Grill up something Hawaiian, like pineapple or pork and be sure to keep the cooler stocked with green bottles (ahem, Heineken).
  5. Many people find summertime a motivator when it comes to eating right and looking good. A vacation to Hawaii means tons of beach time, which in turn equals bikinis and board shorts. So celebrate the summer by maintain a good diet and staying active, so you can feel confident in whatever beach attire you plan to pack. A balanced diet and exercise is linked to feeling happier anyways because it links a healthy body with a healthy mind. Improve your well-being this summer and celebrate the good life.
  6. The sun shines longer and brighter during summer months, meaning you have more chances for obtaining that much-needed, feel good vitamin D. “The sunshine vitamin may protect against a host of diseases, including osteoporosis, heart disease and various cancers. What’s more, sunlight has other hidden benefits—like protecting against depression, insomnia and an overactive immune system,” reports a US Health News study online. Of course too much sun is not good for your skin, either so be sure to find a balance when you’re here in Hawaii with proper sun protection like sunscreen, shade and cover ups. But while in Hawaii, why not become a worshipper for a few days and celebrate the sun!
  7. People are much more inclined to enjoy water activities in the summer than during the winter, for obvious reasons. So this summer, celebrate being an ocean enthusiast and try out a few new sports! Surfing is good fun, along with kayaking, stand up paddling, snorkeling and swimming. Hawaii’s average ocean temperature is 74 degrees with a summer high of 80. If that doesn’t entice you into the Pacific waters, I don’t know what will!
  8. There is a host of food, fruits and drinks that come around seasonally, and in summer we welcome tasty tokens like watermelon and lychee, seasonal fish like mahi mahi, ahi and ono and summer specialty beers like Kona Brewing Co.’s Wailua Wheat. There’s nothing like celebrating summer with enjoying what’s in season!
  9. Just as the seasons change, so too do the ocean swells and waves. In Hawaii, summertime means that the north and west facing shores turn into lakes and the south and east facing shores have waves. Depending on what you prefer, you can book your Hawaii vacation around these swells. I celebrate summer because as a North Shore resident, I enjoy boating, free diving, shell finding, and all-around mermaiding in and around the calm waters of Hawaii during this time of year.
  10. The festivities never seem to end during summer, especially in Hawaii. From block parties and street fairs to fireworks, farmers markets and carnivals, Hawaii celebrates locals and visitors alike by throwing parties all summer long. All for the sake of celebrating life in Hawaii.