Where to Play, Eat and Shop on Maui’s North Shore

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Maui is one of Hawaii’s most popular destinations. When considering exactly where to stay on the Island, most people focus on staying either at Kaanapali, Waialea or Kapalua. Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely amazing in these locations, but over the years Kaanapali has become crowded and Wailea & Kapalua are becoming places for the 1 percenters. And while all of Maui is majestic, (that’s why they call it the Magic Isle) often visitors explore the North side but rarely consider staying on the North side of the Island. Today Lanai and I discuss places to stay, eat shop on this side of Maui.

We cover it all in Today’s podcast, from amazing beaches to excellent dining, this part of Maui has a distinct charm. We’ll give you tips on the everything you need to know whether you’re just passing though or deciding to stay there for your entire Hawaii Vacation.