What’s the weather like in Hawaii?

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On our latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura answer the seemingly silly but very relevant question, What’s the weather like in Hawaii?

Of course, the weather in the Aloha State is almost always perfect. We enjoy mostly sunny skies and warm temperatures. This is a big part of what makes Hawaii such an ideal vacation destination. But we do have stretches of chilly, rainy weather. Recent snowfalls at Mauna Kea on the Big Island and Haleakala Crater on Maui have made national and international headlines.

Aloha Bruce and Lanai talk about how visitors should be prepared for wind and rain at any time of the year. They’ll share their expert local knowledge about Hawaii’s rainy season, and about summertime months that can get uncomfortably warm and muggy.

Hawaii is home to 10 of the Earth’s 13 climate zones. Visitors who plan to explore areas beyond beachfront resorts should know what to reasonably expect of weather conditions. Going to the summit of Mauna Kea or Haleakala? Best to pack a good jacket. Visiting the leeward side of any of the Hawaiian Islands? It’s likely to be hot and breezeless. Windward locations are famous for their buffeting ocean breezes.

There are many microclimate parts of Hawaii as well. With the kind of insights that only longtime and lifetime residents can provide, Aloha Bruce and Lanai break down the realities of the impact the weather can have on a Hawaii vacation. Afterall, we have a hurricane season here. And wildfire season, too. The important part is knowing what to expect and being prepared. (You can also read our recent blog about chilly weather in Hawaii.)

There’s no one better to help you negotiate the elements when planning or enjoying a Hawaii vacation than Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura and their Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Join us for the latest edition, and get the inside scoop on where and what to expect from Hawaii’s unique climate and weather patterns.