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Aloha Bruce offers some Hawaii vacation news, tips for booking Hawaii activities, and notes some available deals and recent bookings on this Sunday, July 25, 2021 episode of the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast.

Bruce mentions a man on social media who bragged that he had successfully cheated Hawaii’s COVID Passport and testing system. The post went viral and prompted a statement from Governor Ige about the seriousness of the offense. “This guy is in big trouble,” says Bruce. The Las Vegas man later said it was a “joke” and apologized. “Don’t cheat!”

The Governor also discussed a possible “no-fly list” for people who violate vaccination, testing, or quarantine rules or restrictions in Hawaii. Bruce notes that Hawaii has not yet reopened fully and continues some indoor masking and gathering restrictions, particularly at restaurants. He says that some visitors have arrived in Hawaii behaving as though the pandemic never happened and that it’s not ongoing. “It’s not in their brain anymore!” Bruce says Hawaii’s Safe Travels will be in effect through all of 2021. Many retail and dining/service industry businesses are understaffed for 30,000 Hawaii visitor arrivals per day, and urges patience and kindness for workers.

Moving on to booking vacation activities in Hawaii Bruce says that it is important to plan and reserve activities well in advance. Hawaii Aloha Travel offers full activity itineraries for customers who buy air/room/transportation packages (including adventures with sister company Secret Hawaii Tours).

Bruce suggests visitors book activities “from mauka to makai”, or from the mountains to the ocean. Bruce says to “get up in the air” with activities like helicopter tours or glider rides, which are safe and unforgettable. “Get out of your comfort zone,” he urges. Take a surfing lesson, go kayaking, “something you never thought you’d do”. Choose safe, managed activities, of course. But have an adventure. “Same with food!”

Hawaii visitors should also do something “touristy” as well, especially a traditional luau or dinner cruise that gives you a little bit of the flavor of the islands. Bruce talks about other common activities like “hiking Diamond Head” or “seeing a volcano” that are popular but have drawbacks, especially during the pandemic.

The podcast moves onto some special air offers available for various US cities through United Airlines to most of Hawaii airports. Southwest Air has specific discounted fairs through a number of Hawaii hotels (“all of the major chains”) that last through July 30, and Bruce offers a special promo code.

Bruce also mentions many budget chains and hotels that are offering discounted rates and provides some specifics about requirements and restrictions. Hawaii Aloha Travel’s expert and in-Hawaii experts have all of the information you need to best plan your Hawaii vacation.