The “Southwest Effect” on Hawaii

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Today’s podcast focuses on ways we can help you save money on your Hawaii vacation. To help us understand what’s happening, we check in with Marco Forlliti, who’s the business management development manager for Blue Sky tours, one of our major partners. He’ll fill us in on The Latest Scoop about when we can expect to see more and less expensive airfares. It’s interesting to note that whenever Southwest enters a market prices go down. Marco talks about the Southwest effect and how this mean savings for you!

Now is a great time to start planning your Hawaii vacation so feel free to give us a call and see what we can do to give you a head start. With partners like Blue Sky tours and the Mark Travel Corporation you’ll have the peace of mind that when you book your vacation with us everything will go smoothly. And more importantly, if there is a glitch or a problem we are here to take care of you, we actually do our best work with things go wrong not when they go right.