The Hawaii Lava Rock Curse Explained

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Our main topic today is a spooky one. Well, if you’re superstitious I guess, because I think the topic is more about respect and less about a curse. Anyways, we’ll tell you all about the lava rock curse that has plagued Hawaii vacationers for years, starting from the very beginning. Get ready for a great podcast!

Did you hear about the hailstorm in Hawaii Kai on Oahu? How about the incredibly low temperatures (58 degrees!) on Kauai? We’ve recently had some interesting winter weather in Hawaii, but don’t let it keep you away from these tropics! January and February are beautiful months to visit Hawaii, especially because whale watching is at an all-time high.

Today we have a variety of news topics for you. From updates on Bravo channel’s Top Chef Finale to the reduced infrastructure land deal that is being decided between the state and Turtle Bay developers. Travelers will also be happy to hear that Governor Abercrombie released $74 million for upgrades to airports around the state. October 2013 set a new revenue record for Hawaii and aloha state hotels are receiving praise from Conde Nast Traveler’s annual readers’ choice survey. Lastly, there’s a new shop opening on Maui, and your hint is: who is the title sponsor of the Triple Crown of Surfing?