Rediscovering Hawaii Island at the Fairmont Orchid Part 1 – Kaiulani Blankenfeld, Director of Hawaiian Culture

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The first Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast of 2021 is on location at the Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island to talk about what it means to be rediscovering Hawaii. In part 1 of this series, our hosts Aloha Bruce and Lanai start of with a quick shout-out to Blue Hawaii Helicopter Tours for an amazing aerial tour and to Paradise Sailing Hawaii for an unforgettable day of snorkeling on along the Kona Coast. Both agree that their helicopter tour was life-changing.

Bruce and Lanai give details of the many amenities and activities available at the Fairmont Orchid and welcome their guest Kaiulani Blankenfeld, Director of Hawaiian Culture at the resort.

Kaiulani shares her knowledge about the coastal Ala Kahakai Trail and the remarkable cultural resources to be found along the centuries-old walking path. She also offers her insight about other trails in the area around the resort, their deep cultural and spiritual meaning and value.

The Director of Hawaiian Culture takes our hosts on a deep dive into the royal history of the area and the palpable power, or mana, of the place, known as Ka Lahuipua’a. She describes ancient rituals and observances practiced by native Hawaiians, and the connection between different West Hawaii Island communities.

Kaiulani talks about her own family and their connection to the ocean and to the land. She talks about ‘aumakua, or “spirit animals” that many families in Hawaii identify with, like the shark or in Kaiulani’s experience the Hawaiian owl (pueo).

She then goes on to explain some of the major archaeological discoveries near the Fairmont Orchid, including stunning petroglyphs and evidence of stone tool-making. Kaiulani also talks about the number of native plant species at the property and Lanai notes that many are medicinal.

Kaiulani describes other natural features of the resort and the wide variety of Hawaiian cultural activities and programs available to guests at the Fairmont, including a walking tour available through your smartphone or device. Our hosts and their guest let listeners know how to learn more about the Hawaiian Cultural programs Fairmont Orchid.

“Learn it here,” she says. “And take it home with you!”