Maunawili Falls Trail Hike

A portion of Maunawili Falls Trail
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Today we take you on a picturesque hike to Maunawili Falls. This is a moderate and easily accessible hike, located just 11 miles from Waikiki. The trail winds through a magnificently lush rain forest, overgrown with banyan trees, ti leaf, vines, and other verdant flora and fauna. You will also hike along freshwater streams where you can cool off or stop and take photos. This trail also shows off stunning panoramic vistas of Kailua and Kaneohe, Oahu’s east and south sides. These views are simply spectacular, and the rewards on this hike just keep getting better and better.

The waterfall is roughly 15-30 feet tall, tumbling down a cascade of black lava rock into a large, deep pool of fresh cool water. There are many ledges to perch or safely jump from on the waterfall, which is why this spot is so popular. It offers a refreshing end to a beautiful hike. And the entire adventure takes only about two hours, depending on how long you want to spend at the base of the waterfall. Roughly a 1-mile one-way trail, once you arrive at Maunawili Falls, you can jump from the rocks, swim in the natural pool, or simply relax and take in the natural sounds of this beautiful paradise. This hike is a great way to spend an afternoon while here on your Hawaii vacation.