Make Hawaiian Music Part of your Hawaii Vacation

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Hawaiian Music is a big part of the culture in Hawaii so make sure to make it part of your Hawaii Vacation. It’s also become extremely popular; 2nd only to Nashville in regional music sales in the last five years. That’s because of its distinct identity, sound and rhythms.

Today we talk about Hawaii’s musical roots and what has influenced the many Island genres. We talk about the various types of Island sounds you’ll hear from Slack Key & Olel’o to more modern Island reggae music. No matter what genre you hear, it’s always happy, laid back and very addictive!

Chances are you won’t miss hearing some form of this music while you’re here it’s played just about everywhere. On today’s show we’re joined by Lanai Tabura who is very familiar with eh music scene and makes some suggestions about local musicians to check out and some great places to hear these artists.