Legends in Concert comes to Waikiki

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Today we had the opportunity to talk story with Brian Brigner, the CEO of Legends in Concert. While we haven’t seen the show yet, I’m pretty confident from this interview that this production will deliver.

Brian has an interesting background. He’s done pretty much everything there is to do in the entertainment business from producing top names in country music to Broadway shows. Not only is he excited and dedicated to his art, he is fully engaged with eight LEC productions all over the world. I was impressed with his sensitivity to the Hawaiian culture and how he has made a commitment to present the show differently than the others in the franchise. This is the only production that varies in format from the other shows the company produces. Brian recognizes that for the show to succeed, it must have Hawaiiana as of part of the program. He’s is in for the long haul and is definitely up for the challenge to make this part of our community.

This new production will be taking place at the newly renovated Royal Hawaiian Theater. This is a 700 seat venue with huge vaulted ceilings with professional top notch special effects, lighting and sound setup. The cast and crew of the production is mostly made up of local talent with the exception of the main headliners which includes a rotating cast of over 80 live band members, performers and dancers.

The show is entitled Rock a Hula and has performances six nights a week starting at 8:15 PM with many packages available ranging from general admission to VIP seats which give you backstage access, For more information give us a call at 1-800-843-8771 and you can also get more information by visiting their website at https://www.rockahulahawaii.com/ you can find them on twitter @RockAHulaHI and Facebook