How Lanai Tabura is Promoting Hawaii through Food & Culture

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Emmy-Award winner Lanai Tabura is back from traveling the world as a Hawaii tourism expert, and he and Aloha Bruce talk about How Lanai Tabura is Promoting Hawaii through Food & Culture.

Lanai had been working with the Hawaii Tourism Authority on promoting Hawaii tourism. Our hosts talk about the amount of work it takes to successfully managing relevant social media accounts. Lanai mentions some of the international he worked with on a tour that focused on food and the culinary arts.

He visited several Asia and Asia-Pacific countries and mention a food tour in Panang, which he says is the street food capital of the world and that is a remarkably clean and sanitary city. Lanai took a three-week food tour in the Philippines, accompanied by several award-winning chefs. CNN filmed the tour and this is just one of the ways how Lanai Tabura is Promoting Hawaii through Food & Culture.

Lanai talks about several dishes he prepared during the tours, and the connection Hawaii has with foods from around the world. “We are all related through food,” he says. Lanai also discusses his appearance on CNN’s “Quest for the World” through December and says CNN presentation of the Philippine food tour will air in early 2020.

Lanai says a recent study commissioned by the Hawaii Tourism Authority indicates that experience new cultures is the most popular reason for traveling. One of the best ways to experience a culture is through its food and culinary traditions.

Our hosts talk about Lanai’s Hawaii hugely popular food tours. Aloha Bruce talks about a recent Trip Advisor study that stresses the popularity of food tours around the world. Lanai mentions the recent and success of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. Bruce says Hawaii resorts and hotels are focusing more and more on food and dining experience.

Lanai notes that his Aloha Plate Food Tour is the only food tour that does authentic Hawaiian food. Bruce mentions a sunset dinner on Hawaii Island. Lanai fondly recalls a cooking class he took on his Philippine food tour that took place in the female chef’s home.

Our hosts joke about brainstorming during the Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Our hosts also note Hawaiian culture tours. Lanai says he takes visitors to wonderful restaurants “that you’d never find on your own”.

Aloha Bruce and Lanai also remind listeners about Hawaii Aloha Travel and Lanai’s social media accounts and how to connect directly with them.