James Asquith Visits Hawaii Part 2

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Join us for Part Two of our Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast with James Asquith, the Guinness Book of World Record’s youngest person, at the age of 24, to visit every one of the 196 countries on the planet. Mr. Asquith shares with us his adventures and the challenges he faced and the wonders he experienced in his travels. And why he loves Hawaii.

As the world’s most widely traveled young person, James talks with us about savvy “travel hacks” and how the best way to find the best deals available for airfare and accommodations is to be flexible. He also talks about jetlag, and how he isn’t affected by it.

Best of all, James Asquith talks with us about why Hawaii is his favorite travel destination. He’ll discuss the personal, professional, and intangible appeal Hawaii and especially Oahu holds for him. As a Londoner, he’s accustomed to big city life. As a world traveler, he’s come to appreciate the laid-back lifestyle and incredible natural environment we enjoy here.
Above all, Mr. Asquith enjoys the people of Hawaii and the fact that every time he’s been to Hawaii, he’s experienced something new and deeply rewarding. Also, he loves the food.

On this week’s Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura get inside the mind of a world traveler who has achieved something no one is likely to accomplish. James Asquith talks candidly about what it’s like to be forever on the road, and why he considers Hawaii to be the place that he finally settles down.

We offer tips on websites and services to enhance your Hawaii experience and get the most from your travel budget. With our typical humor and unique insight into the Hawaii experience, this week’s podcast offers a truly unique perspective on world travel, and Hawaii should be on everyone’s travel “bucket list”.