Is a Hawaii vacation over the Holidays still possible this year?

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For the Sunday, October 24, 2021, Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce provides some updates on Hawaii vacation planning, and on planning “last-minute” trips (HAT has been fielding a lot of questions from listeners about holiday season travel lately).

Bruce starts off with some updates about Governor Ige’s recent announcement welcoming back Hawaii travelers beginning November 1. “I think it was kind of expected,” Bruce says. He notes an email from a podcast listener who thanked him for his insights, which led to them going through with a planned Hawaii vacation that was unforgettable. He also mentions a long-time client and podcast listener, Perry, who booked at the HAT Luana Waikiki Condominium and had a marvelous time.

Bruce talks about the process of researching a Hawaii vacation, saying that the internet can become a “rabbit hole” of information. He stresses the importance of talking with experts (like us!) in Hawaii when planning a Hawaii vacation. “It always helps,” Bruce says. Reviews on popular sites are often inaccurate or incomplete.

Hawaii’s dropping COVID numbers are noted with Hawaii’s 70% vaccination rate and Bruce says, “There couldn’t be a better time to come to Hawaii.” He notes some deals from Southwest and Hawaiian Air. He notes that booking during the holiday season can be difficult, especially for affordable accommodations.

Bruce mentions a client wanting to book a group of nine with specific needs, and notes the importance of setting an “all-in” budget, beyond air/room/car. Bruce says that $15K for 10 nights might be on the low-end during the high holiday season for that. He notes minimum nights (up to 7 nights!) requirements another group 8 of from Florida staying for 10 days in 5-star Hyatt properties on Maui and Kauai, booked earlier in 2021, that totaled almost $24K without airfare. “And that’s a good price right now! It’s crazy!”

Aloha Bruce talks about the importance of being flexible when planning a Hawaii vacation. Demand is high during the holidays. He also mentions COVID testing and vaccine requirements that remain in place throughout the state.

He also notes that Hawaii hotels and resorts have lost $1 billion(!) in revenue during the pandemic, and part of their effort to recover those losses is through higher prices. You may be able to find a great deal on airfare on your own but finding accommodations that suit your needs is more challenging.

“Use a professional,” Bruce says. “Someone like me!” Only experts on the ground can find you the best deals available when planning a Hawaii vacation.