How to Save on your Hawaii Vacation

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With all the choices out there on the Web you can really go blind trying to figure out the best way to plan your Hawaii Vacation. Trust me, I talk to folks every day that are getting so much information they don’t know where to begin!! It’s information overload. Today we “cut to the chase” and talk about how we help folks plan and save money on their Hawaii Vacations with Denton Bangs, the regional sales manager for All About Hawaii, a wholesaler we work very closely with here at Hawaii Aloha Travel.

Most people do the same thing. They go to all the big Travel sites, which are mostly owned by Expedia, then go on Tripadvisor (also owned by Expedia) and without too much effort make decisions based on what they see there. These sites are very good at making you “think” it’s simple and seeing all the choices, but when it comes to Hawaii, it’s not you’re not getting the entire picture and it’s not that simple. For some maybe that works, but for most people, especially for Hawaii, it’s not that simple. Chances are this is a once in a lifetime experience or a special occasion so you really can’t afford to mess up!!

Since 2001 all we’ve been doing here is helping folks plan Hawaii Vacations, but not jut plan them; create experiences. We’re in a unique position to do this because we’re all right here! All of our agents are either born or raised in Hawaii or lived here most of their lives. We go way beyond what you can find online, learn what you want and curate the perfect Hawaii Vacation just for you, not created by a computer or manipulated by a giant travel company but with real locals from Hawaii.

Hawaii is having one of it’s best years ever but we still have some awesome deals and specials I can share with you. Give us a call at 800-843-8771 or reach out to me personally or visit on our website and discover the Hawaii Aloha Travel difference.