How to Have an Authentic Hawaii Vacation

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Are you in the depths of travel planning overload? It’s time to stop the endless scrolling and officially book your Hawaii trip. But it can be tough when you’re trying to create an authentic Hawaii vacation.

Today on the Hawaii Aloha Travel Podcast, Aloha Bruce is talking about the reality of a Hawaii vacation. You’ll likely discover it doesn’t quite look like the image of Hawaii you see on TV, in magazines, and in your imagination. 

The good news? If you manage your expectations and open yourself up to new experiences, it could look even better than you dreamed!

Choosing the Most Authentic Experiences

Bruce begins this episode with a quick rundown of what he looks for in a vacation. It’s really interesting to hear how Bruce – a professional travel expert – tries to experience new places. 

Then he shares how he brings that same approach to his travel clients. So if you’re hoping to have an authentic, immersive experience in Hawaii, you’ll want to listen to this. 

What kinds of experiences will bring you closer to true Hawaii? Of course, Bruce talks about luau – and recommends the most traditional option on Oahu (spoiler: you can’t rely only on reviews to pick out the best one!). You’ll also hear about island tours, and how local, small-scale tours are more affordable than you think. 

Looking for other immersive Hawaii experiences? Bruce touches on voluntourism and agricultural experiences that get you up close and personal with Hawaii’s rich landscape. 

Bruce also loves recommending hole-in-the-wall restaurants over the more iconic “touristy” restaurants – allowing his travel clients to get a taste of real Hawaii, just like the locals eat every day. How about that for an authentic Hawaii vacation?

Planning Your Authentic Hawaii Vacation

You want an immersive, unforgettable vacation experience, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to drop each day on high-end, curated itineraries like celebrities do. No problem. Hawaii Aloha Travel is a local agency ready to custom-make a vacation plan that includes the islands’ most authentic experiences. 

“I always felt that one of our core philosophies is connecting people in the mainland with the people of Hawaii and with true experiences in Hawaii,” Bruce says. And this means going beyond what you can find on the internet.

So don’t “follow the pack” and go with the most talked-about activities. Call us at 1-800-843-8771 to talk to Bruce or one of our other great agents today. We’ll help recommend top-notch experiences with local, passionate guides who want to show you the best of Hawaii.