Hiking Diamond head Do’s and Dont’s

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This week’s podcast is about hiking one of the most popular landmarks in Hawaii: Diamond Head. We tell you about where the name came from and the history of this amazing crater, also known as “Leahi”. Lanai and Bruce offer tips and things to remember including do’s and don’ts for hiking the crater. We discuss what to expect and what time to visit.

Diamond Head is certainly Hawaii’s most iconic landmark, and its ideal location at the eastern end of makes it one of Hawaii’s most well-traveled hikes. The Diamond Head State Monument comprises 475 acres in the crater. Scientists have determined that the crater was formed about 300,000 years ago following a volcanic eruption.

The first hiking trail to Diamond Head’s summit was opened in 1908. Although the Diamond Head Summit Trail is slightly less than one mile, but it is quite steep and challenging even for fitness and hiking enthusiasts. We’ll talk about what visitors need to know to keep safe.

We’ll talk about the incredible views of Waikiki west to the Waianae Mountain Range and East Honolulu out to Koko Crater and Koko Head, and sprawling Kapiolani Park at the foot of the crater. We’ll also discuss park entrance fees (entry to the park is not free, but it’s very inexpensive). It’s also cash-only.

Diamond Head State Monument has an important cultural history and is the source of several ancient Hawaiian legends. It’s easy to sort of forget about Diamond Head during a Waikiki vacation with all of the ocean, dining and shopping activities, and that’s why we’re talking about how great it is to make the short trek to the summit of Hawaii’s most recognizable landmark.