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Aloha Bruce has some important travel news and great hawaii hotel deals on this February 28, 2021 Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. He starts with “something you should definitely not do”, a story about two people who tried to bribe their way into avoiding Hawaii’s travel requirements and ended up in jail. He notes that are many easy options for getting a COVID test, and even some exceptions to the quarantine rule.

Bruce moves on to discuss proposed legislation to standardize Hawaii’s travel requirements, noting Kauai’s opting out of the Hawaii Safe Travels program and requiring more strict measures for visitors. He says that Kauai is he and Yaling’s favorite island to visit.

Bruce also notes the good news that Oahu (Honolulu County) has entered Tier 3 of the reopening plan, with restaurants opened to more seating and various businesses easing restriction and/or opening after many months of the shutdown. “That’s absolutely excellent news for us here.” The number of visitors to Hawaii in 2020 was down to numbers not seen since the 1970s, Bruce says, sharing shocking low visitor numbers.

The topic moves to a timeline of Hawaii’s shutdown and travel restrictions, and Bruce notes Kauai’s mandatory quarantine policy. He says that many of the calls Hawaii Aloha Travel is receiving lately are visitors from the East Coast. “I think that we are going to recover a lot more quickly than people are predicting,” Bruce says. He notes Hawaii’s undeniable appeal as a vacation destination for US travelers.

Bruce transitions into some special hawaii hotel deals at various properties, including Outrigger and Ohana hotels offering an exclusive 35% discount. He also mentions Highgate properties and the Aston Waikiki Beach. He also says that there are some great deals available for groups as Tier 3 allows for larger group gatherings.

Bruce also notes deals at a couple of gorgeous properties on Hawaii Island (the Big Island) and resort credits to cover pesky resort fees. He also talks about a special Pay-In-Full Promo exclusively for Hawaii Aloha Travel customers. “Now’s the best time to come to Hawaii,” Bruce says.