Making the most of your Hawaii Vacation during the current Hawaii tourism boom

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On the Sunday, July 11, 2021, Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast, Aloha Bruce starts by discussing implementing the Hawaii Safe Travels “vaccine passport” for visitors and how it will affect vacation plans, particularly for families traveling with young children. Bruce also explains that some Hawaii restaurants and venues are now returning to 100% capacity. Bruce Goes on to talk about making the most of your Hawaii Vacation during the current Hawaii tourism boom.

In light of the massive influx of visitors, which has resulted in the current Hawaii tourism boom, Bruce offers some vital suggestions for booking a Hawaii vacation and says to avoid booking Hawaii activities through certain third-party agencies because that leads to “an extra layer of things that can go wrong.”

Bruce urges visitors to make reservations well in advance, as many are left waiting for tables, tours, and other activities. HAT has been able to rectify cancellations for clients because of our connections that are unavailable through third-party vacation booking. “The biggest problem we’re having right now is folks waiting,” Bruce says.

Hawaii is in the top three travel destinations in the world. Bruce notes the importance of not booking illegal vacation rentals (rules differ by County). He says that many visitors have seen their reservations canceled simply because the rental owner found someone to pay more. Bruce stresses the importance of verifying names and contacts for your reservations. “If you don’t, it can be a real problem.”

He also breaks down perhaps the most important part of a Hawaii vacation: “Just. Be. Nice.” This is most important to remember should things turn difficult or confusing during a Hawaii vacation during this Hawaii Tourism boom.

Bruce talks about the benefits of booking with a licensed tour company for activities because of their increased access to popular destinations. Of course, Bruce always encourages visitors to find their own Hawaii vacation experience. But with vehicle and foot traffic at record highs at locations all over Hawaii, reservations with a licensed tour company like Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Secret Hawaii Tours will help minimize wait times and rental vehicle parking mayhem.

Bruce offers his insight into approaching a Hawaii vacation in the “short term” during these high summer months of record arrivals. There is an overwhelming demand for Hawaii vacation accommodations and activities right now. He explains the significance of the visitor-to-resident ratio on Maui right now and offers some context for what measures are being considered to manage record numbers of visitors.

With his typical candor and straight talk, Bruce talks about Hawaii Tourism Authority messaging and measures and some simple answers to challenges like low supply, traffic, and illegal vacation rentals. “This is all new territory,” Bruce says. “I know this will all get better.”

Bruce moves into the potential and likely benefits of booking a Hawaii vacation in advance for 2022. Crowds will be thinner, and things are likely to have settled down after the confusion and changes brought by the pandemic.

“There isn’t a better place in the world to visit,” Bruce says.