Hawaii Resort Fees, Are They Worth It?

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On October 10th, Maui resident Kathleen Soule filed a class action lawsuit against Priceline and Marriott Resorts. Kathleen is suing because she believes she was faced with unfair and unreasonable assessment and collection of ‘Hawaii resort fees.’

On August 9, 2011, Kathleen used Priceline.com to book a reservation at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa for August 12,2011. The room rate was listed at $110 per night on Priceline. Before finalizing the transaction, Priceline quoted a total room cost of $133.49, which included the room rate, taxes and fees of $23.49. However, when Kathleen checked out of her room after staying at the Wailea, she was charged a $30 resort fee per night. The suit alleges that the mandatory resort fee was known by Priceline, but was not included in Priceline’s ‘total room cost’ that she paid upfront.

We’ve all been faced with this at one time or another, but Kathleen is making  news because she’s actually made a stance against it. Today I give you my take on the whole situation and give you some advise about how to get the most of the the resort fees that you’ll to pay weather you like it or not.