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We’re revisiting this topic because it’s simply too good of a time not to. August, September, and October used to be what’s considered Hawaii’s off-season, but with Hawaiian Airline flights up 12.6% from August of last year, it appears that the summer season will flow directly in the winter season, with little to no drop in tourism at all. So because hotels are still up in sales, this means they are booking quickly, leaving a condo rental as many traveler’s only option. Inventory for condos has always been hard to find, but if you do find and book them, they are a more affordable option for Hawaii vacations than resorts these days anyways! And most times you get more out of your accommodations!

Now is a great time to take advantage of condo rentals in Hawaii, since hotels are starting to already oversell for the fall. As a local travel company, we’ve been booking a lot of condos through our sources lately, due to hotels already being booked for the “slow season”. Condos are becoming a great value, especially because Waikiki is getting so expensive. Hawaii Aloha Travel is able to book a studio condo in Waikiki for 5 or more nights at the rate of $110 per night, and that’s including tax! These days you can’t even find a small hotel room in Waikiki for less than $150, so a studio condo is really giving you more bang for your buck.

We have never seen an off-season this busy, and typically we see a lot less tourists during this time of year. But hotel and flight sales aren’t letting up quite yet, so now’s the time to book cheap airfare and affordable condo accommodations. Even as far in advance as October, we’re still not seeing the availability we normally do, so 2012 really will be a banner year for Hawaii tourism.

As we’ve said before, renting a condo in Hawaii is really a great way to vacation. Although they might not provide you with some of the resort luxuries, you can still get room cleaning, free parking, activity discounts, in-room amenities (like free DVD rentals), and kitchen facilities. And the kitchen is where guests can really save some money too. We recommend stocking up at the local grocery store once you arrive for things like breakfast foods, daytime snacks, lunch fixings, and the big saving tip, alcohol. Also, cooking a big dinner every other night will provide leftovers that can last a while, which saves money when vacationing with a big family or group.

Condos offer a home-away-from-home feel that hotels simply cannot. There is a community feeling surrounding condo resorts, and it helps to make guests more comfortable when they’re traveling far from home. We always enjoy recommending condos for groups because they’re affordable and convenient. You don’t end up paying the inflated prices of hotels either, and the amenities are just as enticing as any resort