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I feel like a lot of things big have happened in Hawaii pretty recently… Big Island had an earthquake, two hurricanes threatened the islands, (which had all grocery stores cleared out of water and canned goods across the entire state and everyone on high alert), primary elections took place, freak hurricane swells have surfaced on the North Shore, Robin Williams passed away (that’s not really Hawaii related but it’s definitely newsworthy) and to top it all off, statehood day is happening this month on Friday the 15th. Sounds like a lot huh?

Amongst the current events happening here, I’ve kept up my own conversations through Facebook, and recently posed a question I thought listeners might like to hear about. I asked Facebook fans “How would you describe Hawai’i in 2 words to someone who knows nothing about it?” and the response was overwhelming!

Almost 130 people responded, each with their own unique, fun and quirky way of describing Hawaii. And since the responses are quick- only two words! – I’m going to share some of them with you now. Hopefully you’ll get as much of a kick out of them as I did.

“Beautiful sunsets”
“Ancient and humbling”
“Like paradise”
“Paradise found!”
“Must go!”
“Future address”
“Gorgeous utopia”
“No worries”
“Aloha spirit”
“Love it”
“Snake free!”
“Dream vacation”
“Killer waves”
“Move there”
“Life changing”
“Recovery discovered”
“Sunshine state”
“Pure bliss”
“Effortlessly beautiful”
“Wonderful world”
“My sanity”

Reading through the entire thread of comments online, it’s easy to see what the most popular words in people’s descriptions were: “beautiful”, “paradise” and “amazing”. This just goes to show how truly incredible of a place Hawaii is. Sometimes living here, we can forget how lucky we are to call these islands home. But my fans are always a wonderful reminder of this blessing and I love this kind of feedback.